Specialising in Race Horses and Foals


Sion Davies Farrier Services Ltd serves a wide range of clients throughout the racing industry, across the UK and internationally. 

Based in Newmarket and Lambourn, England, we have over 25 years’ experience specialising in foals, yearlings, racehorses and mares. We work with a wide variety of veterinary practices and understand the importance of maintaining your horse’s health. Our priority is to keep the horses sound and able to perform at their very best.

We are an Approved Training Farrier providing the highest standard training and techniques to new apprentices each year. We encourage all our staff to compete in Farriery competitions both local and county. In addition to being fun, this helps with maintaining and advancing their forging skills.



Deviations & Corrections

We are highly skilled Equine hoof care specialists able to deal with complex foal limb deviations and corrections. We apply foal extensions to assist in correcting limb angles and lameness. Additonally, we help treat laminitis and navicular, and all types of foot cracks and issues.

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Supporting Vets

We work very closely with veterinary practices to deal with the many issues caused by racing and breeding horses, as well as with injured or diseased hooves in racehorses and foals. 



After qualification, our apprentices have the opportunity to remain with the Company or go on to travel, using the many contacts they will gain with us during their apprenticeship.

Why Choose Us?


With 25+ years of experience and knowledge, Sion and the team are able to put your horses at ease and deal with any issues quickly and skilfully.


Horses aren't always cooperative and meeting a particular horse's needs can be a challenge. We always ensure their safety and comfort.



We are a professional Certified Farrier who will display the highest levels of professionalism and advice, backed by expert knowledge.


We will go to great lengths to help keep your horse in top shape throughout their years. Sion specialises in foals, limbs and hoof deformities.

Meet the Owner

Sion Davies, Owner & Farrier

Founder of Sion Davies Farrier Ltd, Sion has a passion for horses the world over. He has been awarded the prestigious Freedom of the City of London award and is a member of The Worshipful Company of Farriers.