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Meet The Farriers

Sion Davies

Sion passed his diploma in 1994 and covers all types of Farriery. His expert skills are sort after in many countries which takes him around the world.
He is a member of Worshipful Company of Farriers, his craft has also gained him the prestigious award, Freedom Of The City Of London.
Sion specialises in working with foals, limbs and hoof deformities whilst continuing to work with them throughout their years.
Sion enjoys competitions and has successfully competed worldwide including the world championships in Canada. Sion shares his passion and skills with his two apprentices Gavin and Tom

Sion Davies

Will ShelldrickWill Shelldrick

Will qualified in 1997 and has worked part-time for S Davies Farrier Services Ltd for 3 years although his working relationship with Sion goes back 10 years.

Will covers all aspects of Farriery and is also a keen competition participator travelling to county shows making shoes from scratch.




Gavin KeeganGavin Keegan

Sion's senior farrier, Gavin started with S Davies Farrier Services Ltd in November 2008, where he practised his forging skills for his forging certificate at Warwickshire College in May 2009.

Qualified in 2013, he's a member of BFBA (as is Sion) and he is now training for his AWCF - Associate-ship to Worshipful Company of Farriers.

Gavin has a big interest in the commercial side of farriery, seeing foals develop into racehorses.

Gavin has stayed with Sion to continue to gain knowledge and experience but also assist with the training of the apprentices. Gavin’s hobbies did include rugby and swimming, but farriery will always remain his passion.


Will ShelldrickJoe Barrat

Joe is 22 and from Lowestoft, on the east coast of Suffolk. He has been with and around horses all his life. This is where his love, passion and dedication for farriery came from. After completing a farriery access course at Warwickshire Agriculture College, he struggled to gain an apprenticeship for nearly 2 years, he was introduced to Sion Davies Farriery Services Ltd.

Joe is now over a year into his 4 year 3 month apprenticeship and he is due to qualify in 2018, where he hopes to achieve honours. Joe’s hobbies include rugby, horses and going to shows far and wide competing in shoemaking competitions.


John SmithJohn Smith

Hi, I'm John, I am 21 and I live in Soham near Newmarket. My family have owned and bred coloured cobs for two generations, so I've been around horses from a very young age. I have a great interest in being around them and working with them. I chose to pursue a career in farriery after passing my forging certificate. I was then given the chance to join Sion and his team. I am now two years into my apprenticeship and really enjoy it. In this year and the coming years I hope to exceed in some of the farriery competitions that are held across the country.In my spare time I like to go on drives with my beloved horses and spend time socialising with family and friends.

Gained Forum Certificate in May 2014 - Due to Qualify 2019.

Interests include: Driving Horses, Football, Gym and Socialising.


Thomas CurrieThomas Currie

Thomas, now 26, was born in Surrey he grew up around horses, his mother owned a private livery yard and it has been his ambition from a young age to become a farrier.
Thomas joined S Davies Farrier Services Ltd in April 2011 after a lengthy 2 year period of applying to become a farrier apprentice.

In 2009 he completed his pre-farrier course at Warwickshire agricultural College obtaining his forging certificate and never lost the enthusiasm to find an apprentice position. Qualified 2015.

Thomas has very successfully completed two blocks at college so far and it just about to do his third.
Thomas enjoys socialising; his hobbies include football, shooting and other sports.


Will ShelldrickTaylor Dean

My names Taylor dean, I started my apprenticeship with Sion on January 2016 and due to qualify 2020 and I also done my forging exam at Myerscough college and was taught by Sion and the team. Ive been around horses for many years of my life due to my grandad having driving horses and I go help him out and only in the last 2-3 years I've worked with thoroughbred race horses starting with the national stud apprenticeship course working at both Juddmontte farms and then Shadwell stud where I met Sion and things rolled onto becoming a farrier apprentice from there. During and after my apprenticeship I hope to compete to the best of my ability and do well in shoe making competitions and I aim to have won at least one by the end of my second year. In my spare time I am a competitive amature boxer boxing out of Thetford Town Boxing Club and I'm also a level one coach and help at the gym as much as possible. sion davies logo